Welcome! Thanks for stopping by!  My stage name is A~MAN.  I am a drummer, rapper, singer, and songwriter.  I have played baseball since I was 3.


I have been working hard on my latest performance, Ordinary Love.   I love to meet my audiences, so be sure to introduce yourselves afterward!  We have V.I.P. PASSES for sale.  Contact me if you want one for 30% off!

Contact me here.


My goals and my passions are to work hard, entertain my fans, and just plain have fun. Thank you, my valued fans, for helping me along the way, in my recording, Ordinary Love.  Please expect a new album, called Easier Road.


"I love Don't Forget." -- Reese Perry, Evansville

"A~MAN is my favorite rapper!" -- Chloe, Indiana

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